Millvision’s core business is to perform contract research and development for mainly industrial relations supported with technological consultancy. There is experience in working and coordination of big national and EU R&D projects.
Millvision is active in participating in innovative small production scale entities to demonstrate innovations on serious business scale. Millvision participates in an own developed concept, in the nature grass pulp plant with a capacity of about 2.000 ton/year of lignocellulosic fibers. The business concept is based on cooperation in the supply chain; Since 2014 Millvision has opened their natural fiber application center (NAC) in which diverse agro fibres like paprika and tomato stems, sugar beets and grass can be processed on pilot scale for paper/board and composite applications. With Millvision’s PM1 (only pilot machine in the BeNeLux) special paper sheets, rolls and tapes are produced to demonstrate new business applications.
Fibre related topics are raw material monitoring (NIR based patent 2004), high consistency technology for deinking, stickies and wet strength monitoring (Holland Innovation Award ID-NL 2005), pulp rheology device (patent 2008), (bio)chemical and mechanical fiber modification. The materials are used in building & construction, packaging, horticulture and automotive sector. Main role in this project is coordination and the production of cheap agro based fibres for both paper-tapes (for pultrusion) as well as for the extrusion (composite) process. Cheap fibres, fit for purpose, are a key element in the competitiveness of the BG4US LIFE concept.