The company is family owned and located in the northern part of Germany. Since 2005, Naftex GmbH deals with the development of new and innovative natural fibre products. Rainer and Daniel Koopmann are experts in the field of processing of natural fibre products and in manufacture of granules. Naftex GmbH processes on their extrusion machinery synthetic and natural fibres, i.e. wood fibres, diverse sustainable composite materials. Hereby, the composite materials can be produced as continuous shaped end products or as granulates in any shape, size and quality. In these materials the natural fibre content is approximately 60% – 90%. Products made from this material are
compared to purely synthetic plastics because of their potentially lower price, their look and feel of
their nature image. They are suitable for many applications superior, and a great development. Some changes in technical properties: higher stiffness, lower thermal expansion coefficient significantly are a further advantage. Another focus of Naftex GmbH is the production of large profiles (dimensions up to 250mmx250mm) using 100%
recycled and recyclable plastics. In addition, e.g. glass fibres are incorporated in the profile to obtain the desired mechanical properties. To get these products running, Naftex GmbH produces their own natural fibre extrusion machinery, including process quality measuring units for these equipments. The ambition of Naftex in BG4US LIFE project is the optimization andproduction of natural fiber reinforced bioplastic piles which have to be placed in the ground holding the bio guardrail to secure safety on roads. Hereby, Naftex GmbH maintains their high claims, which relates
to reliability, trust and punctuality.