Rodenburg Biopolymers

Rodenburg Biopolymers (being a SME) is located in the Netherlands. They establish activities in several countries around the world in which they are continuously improving and expanding. The Rodenburg plant is and their biopolymer products are ISO 9001-2000 certified. Rodenburg developed several biodegradable (starch based) products, called Solanyl®, FlourPlast® and Optinyl®. They comprise a complete portfolio of patented and certified bioplastic products which are biobased or plant based, not depending on market developments and produced at a higher energy efficiency compared to conventional plastics. Rodenburg set up a specialty plant to provide the ability to produce product grades with different ingredients and additives to obtain special functions like controlled degradation or release. Besides large scale production, they also have a specialty plant for small scale pplications and further developments (capacity of 7.000 metric tons/year). Their current total production capacity is 60.000 metric tons with additional production capacity being planned in 2014. Rodenburg is specialized in (reactive) extrusion and compounding of biop
olymers such as starches and biopolyesters i.e. PLA(polylactic acid). Previously, Rodenburg has participated in FP7 R&D projects such as Traysrenew and BioagroTex. Rodenburg has scientific and technical knowledge and understanding of fibres and biopolymers compounding. Rodenburg has a world-wide network in research and development partners as well as sales. The ambition of Rodenburg in BG4US LIFE project is to adapt and develop innovative bioplastic compounds based on their portfolio suitable for pul-extrusion and the BioGuardRail, expanding and optimizing its current portfolio and market. Main role in project is the optimization of the current Solanyl formulations, for production of the BioguardRail composites and manufacturing of the final Solanyl C for this purpose.